Gamma Phi Circus

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Wed, 04/24/2013 - 11:20 -- Casey Joyce

This weekend, we had the privilege to visit one of our former gymnasts now attending Illinois State University. Lauren is a sophomore at ISU and a member of the Gamma Phi Circus program. The Gamma Phi Circus is an 84-year-old tradition at the university, and is the oldest collegiate circus in the United States. Lauren participated in 4 acts during the show - the Tightwire, Multi-Trap, German Wheel, and Lyric Hoop.

Outside of the slim percentage of people (mostly Olympians) that become professional gymnasts, there are very few real-world applications for one's gymnastics repertoire. It was truly exciting to see Lauren take the skills that she had learned into the gym and put them to good use. Outside of the physical demands that her acts required, she demonstrated tremendous confidence and composure that made all of us proud!