Class Quality at CGA

At Champaign Gymnastics Academy we encourage your child’s athletic development while fostering social and emotional values. It’s our goal to instill discipline, confidence and determination through the sport of gymnastics.

Our USAG certified coaches teach your child how to properly and safely use each event. Our staff has a great deal of experience in gymnastics and we strive to cater our message to each child’s age and ability. Our compassion and awareness gives kids an easier time adapting to class.

Age and ability both play a key role in a child’s interest and focus in gymnastics. One of our goals is to make the sport exciting and challenging for each individual in class. Our classes are designed for each and every child to feel at home. It’s important for us to be conscientious of a child’s age to better communicate with them and positively reinforce good habits. We want the kids to maintain interest in learning new skills by feeling comfortable with their peers and coaches.

CGA event rotations and skill progressions are laid out in structured lesson plans. These are posted in the gym for coaches to review. We have weekly staff meetings to keep our classes fresh and ensure the highest quality of instruction. A small coach to child ratio allows us to easily evaluate your child’s progress and recommend classes that fit them. In turn we can focus more on the creativity that makes our classes so much fun!

Parents are encouraged to take an active part in their child’s experience at CGA. We take pride in having 15 min at the beginning and end of each class when you can talk with our knowledgeable staff. Knowing some skill terminology is a great way to start a conversation with your child or coach. Check out some specific skills in the class descriptions to see what the kids are working on.

Although many of our coaches are at the gym all week long, we keep in mind that the kids may only be in there once. For some kids this is their favorite thing in the world! Our coaches understand that it’s important to make every single gymnastics class memorable and we're determined to make that happen with genuine enthusiam for what our kids are working on. We want them to enjoy every minute of it! After all, being in the gym is more than learning a dozen gymnastics skills, we hope your child will take home some life skills while they’re at it!

If a class sounds like a good fit for your child you can sign up today. Stop by the gym or click on the register button on the right. If you missed the start of the session, don’t worry we pro-rate for mid-session sign ups.