Adult Fitnastics

Have you ever looked at a gymnast and wondered what it is they do to look so good and get so strong? Well this class will give you a good idea. Don’t be intimidated though, this class is about pushing your own limits and achieving what you are capable of. Our Adult Fitnastics class takes adults through a variety of different gymnastics work outs that we do on a daily basis with our competitive gymnasts. The class utilizes body weight exercises as well as a combination of static and dynamic activates to build strength. The major difference between a gymnastics body weight work out and a traditional work out at a gym is that gymnastics not only builds the major muscle groups but it also uses stability muscles which leads to strong joints especially the shoulders. The class is also a more fun work out than going to the gym alone. Classmates develop a bond as they push each other to do activities that they have never tried before. If you are looking for a class to seriously improve your strength in a way you probably have never tried before then this class is perfect for you. If you are looking for a class to build your gymnastics skills, check out Adult Gymnastics

Class Details

Age Group: 
18+ years old
Class Times: 
Once a week for 45 minutes
Length of Class: 
8 week session