Adult Gymnastics

The Adult Gymnastics class at CGA is a unique experience that you just can’t get at your local fitness center. Adult Gymnastics not only provides a great work out you can’t get anywhere else but it also lets you unleash your inner child and learn gymnastics skills you thought might have passed you by. This is a class for all ages and skill levels and our small gymnast to coach ratio (8:1) allows each class to be tailored to the individual. There is nothing holding anyone back from taking this class (leotards not required!). Each class begins with 15 minutes of flexibility and a low impact warm-up on the Tumble Trak, where we work on a variety of jumps as well as front flips and drive rolls. After the warm-up, a wide variety of stations are set up to allow participants of all skill levels a chance to work on different skills. Some examples of skills our adults like to work on are handstands, rolls, vaults on the resi mat (It's big and soft), front handsprings, back handsprings, round offs, cartwheels, low beam jumps and cartwheels, and many others. At the end of each class adults spend some time doing light strength and flexibility. This class allows adults to try things they previously thought were impossible and do skills they thought they had left in their childhood. A lot of people laugh when we suggest Adult Gymnastics classes for the first time, but trust us when we say that this class is a blast and a great opportunity to get a fun and challenging work out. It’s also a lot of fun if you have a kid in a class at CGA. You may be working on some of the same skills but it gives a great perspective on how impressive your kids are. We can’t promise you won’t be sore, but we do strive to make everything in this class as safe as possible by taking slow progressions and staffing our best and most experienced spotters in this class. If you are looking for a more class that's geared towards developing strength & flexibility, check out Adult Fitnastics

Class Details

Age Group: 
18+ years old
Length of Class: 
8 week session
Additional Information: 

Class meets once per week for 65 minutes