Advanced Girls 2

After taking our Advanced Girls class your child’s coach may recommend Advanced Girls 2. Advanced Girls 2, ages 7 years and older, is an hour and a half-long class that will continue focusing on the 4 Olympic events: vault, bars, beam and floor.

Your child’s coach will take the girls through floor, uneven bars, beam and tumble trak rotations each week. At the end of each class the kids will do some strength exercises and enjoy a game or pit time! 

Coaches put great focus on learning about the names of positions and skills in this class. Advanced Girls will learn how and why certain positions make a skill easier to learn. We expect them to recall the names of skills, which ones they enjoy and which one’s they would like to do more often.

The girls spend about 3 minutes on each skill station before switching to the next station. At this skill level they are ready to put even more focus on one skill at a time and make conscious adjustments. We encourage the older classes to demonstrate stations for their peers. This is an opportunity for them to practice leadership, take instruction and perform in front of others. This class will use larger mats and the competitive equipment for a more suitable challenge. Advanced classes spend a longer time on strength, demonstrations, and skill adjustments than Beginner and Intermediate level classes.

Advanced 2 girls focus on skills such as the back roll to handstand, round-off back handspring, walking in handstand, headspring, round-off over the vault table, cartwheel on the beam, handstand bridge kickover, squat on jump to the highbar, front hip circle and straddle sole circle.

Once a year in May we will look to our Advanced 2 classes for blossoming talent to grow our Level 2 and 3 competitive teams. If you have any questions about Advanced Girls 2 or the competitive program, don’t hesitate to ask.


Class Details

Class Times: 
Once a week for 90 minutes
Length of Class: 
8 week session
Additional Information: 

If this class sounds like a good fit for your child you can sign up today. Stop by the gym or click on the register button on the right. If you missed the start of the session, don’t worry we pro-rate for mid-session sign ups.