Flip Flop Class

Flip Flop Class, ages 7-12 years is a fun, focused 8 weeks geared toward improving a round-off flip flop (back handspring). This is an hour-long class available to boys and girls who have taken a beginner level class and have good bridge flexibility. The class is an opportunity for kids to work on an advanced skill that we do not include as often in other classes.

This class is a good fit whether you’re learning a flip flop for the first time or perfecting it to improve bigger skills. Coaches will fine-tune tumbling techniques and introduce new ways for everyone to look at the skill. Your gymnast will be challenged to put the flip flop in context with other skills. For example, they will learn that the round-off creates power into the flip flop. They will also see how a quality flip flop can lead into a back flip.

Boys and girls will have 15 min of each class to work on tumble trak, floor, strength/flexibility, and the pit with cheese mats. One exciting part of Flip Flop Class is that the large amount of tumble trak and pit time! Tumble trak and pit are two useful tools to develop new skills. The tumble trak allows kids to try a round-off flip flop before they’re ready to do it on the harder floor. The pit is another way to get them building the courage of flipping over without the worries of a rough landing. The kids will use red cartwheel blocks, triangle cheese mats, blue panel mats, and flipping barrels to make flipping and flopping a little more fun!

Some gymnasts may finish the session with an awesome new skill, but everyone will certainly leave with an improved understanding of a flip flop. If you have any questions about Flip Flop Class or the competitive program, don’t hesitate to ask.

Class Details

Class Times: 
Once a week for 60 minutes
Length of Class: 
8 week session
Additional Information: 

If this class sounds like a good fit for your child you can sign up today. Stop by the gym or click on the register button on the right. If you missed the start of the session, don’t worry we pro-rate for mid-session sign ups.