Junior Beginner Girls

Our Junior Beginner Girls class is a one hour-long introductory class. Junior Beginner, ages 5-6 years old, provides a fun and safe introduction to gymnastics and an easy transition from our Pre-School program. This class will begin focusing on the 4 Olympic events: vault, bars, beam and floor.

Your child’s coach will take the girls through floor and bars rotations each week. Every other week they’ll get to do balance beam, and tumble trak. At the end of each class the kids will enjoy a game or pit time! 

Our 3 different beginner classes are divided by age. Coaches put greater focus on locomotor movements in this class. The kids are challenged to keep their balance while walking, running, jumping, hopping, galloping, sliding, skipping, and shimming. The girls will go through stations as circuits. In other words they will take one turn at a skill station and immediately rotate to the next one. We will demonstrate each station so the kids can visualize what to do and reproduce those movements. Demonstrations will not last for very long. We want to get them moving and keep their attention. We never let them slow down for too long!

Another fundamental part of teaching our Juniors Beginners is imagination. If you are coming from a Pre-School class you may know how successful imaginative exercises can be. Often times we pretend to be bears, butterflies, sloths, monkeys, seals, cats and other animals! We use imaginative teaching techniques to improve gymnastics movements, maintain focus and build self-confidence. If you’re not sure what we mean about imagination, just ask them about Ice Berg!

Junior Beginners focus on skills such as the straddle roll, bridge, cartwheel, handstand, headstand and straight jump. The girls will work on their freeze!!! finishing position, as well as how to mount and dismount the high beam safely. When Junior Beginners turn 6 years old and have mastered the Beginner level skills they will be recommended for Intermediate Girls.

Class Details

Class Times: 
Once a week for 60 minutes
Length of Class: 
8 week session
Additional Information: 

If this class sounds like a good fit for your child you can sign up today. Stop by the gym or click on the register button on the right. If you missed the start of the session, don’t worry we pro-rate for mid-session sign ups.