Wee Love Music Class

Wee Love Music!​ is an interactive music appreciation program for babies and children ages six months through four  years.  Through the art and power of music, Wee Love Music! enhances children's physical, emotional, intellectual and social development while strengthening their bond with their caregivers and peers. 
Children attend 30- to 45-minute, age-appropriate music classes wherein a qualified instructor facilitates their singing, dancing, playing, listening, learning, improvising and experimenting with music using a wide variety of manipulatives such as, rhythm instruments, drums, balls, toy animals, books, scarves, bean bags, hula hoops, resonator bells, a parachute and more.
Utilizing a large repertoire of songs and activities, ​Wee Love Music! also incorporates children's literature, American Sign Language, traditional American folk-songs, multicultural songs in their native languages, and songs specific to peace and love, to provide a rich musical experience for participants. 
Wee Love Music! acknowledges different learning styles and offers a balance of group and individual, large- and small-motor, and active and passive activities, ensuring enrichment for kinesthetic, visual, auditory, linguistic, logical, interpersonal and intrapersonal learners, as well as for children with special needs. 
Wee Love Music! promotes a loving, nurturing, family-friendly atmosphere allowing each individual child to explore, learn and develop at their own pace within the safe and respectful parameters of a group dynamic.

Class Details

Age Group: 
Parent-assisted, 5 years old and under
Class Times: 
Once a week for 45 minutes
Length of Class: 
8 week session
Additional Information: 

Babies under six months old are free!

More about Ms. Teresa can be found here

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