Recreational Gymnastics

Recreational gymnastics is the foundation on which all gymnastics programs are built. Gymnastics is an activity that every child should enjoy. Our diverse range of programs for children starting at 3 months old and continuing all the way to our adult gymnastics program ensures that anyone who wants to participate can enjoy this great sport.

Beginner Boys

Beginner Boys is a 65 minute introductory class designed for five to eight year old boys with little or no prior gymnastics experience.  This class teaches basic gymnastics techniques and terminology through positive coaching methods that emphasizes progression and proper technique for each skill.  This class provides comprehensive gymnastics instruction on bars, rings, floor and vault f

Puma Playtime

Our open gym time is an opportunity to use the gymnastics equipment outside of our typical class structure. Children 5 years old & younger and their parents can explore our preschool equipment at their own pace while being supervised by our gymnastics staff. Families are encouraged to attend together, and also to bring in their friends to show them what CGA has to offer! For the safety of your children, we ask that you maintain a 3 children:1 adult ratio.


Pre-School classes will have an emphasis on both gymnastics and cognitive learning. Each week the children will focus on a wide range of gymnastics basics including hanging, swinging, jumping, rolling, and balancing. These basics will improve their fitness and body control, all while learning how to follow directions, work independently, make corrections, work in small groups, and how to overcome fears. Each lesson will be accompanied by practicing skills such as counting, reading, math, and even foreign languages. All of this will take place in our safe and dynamic pre-school area.


Our Toddler classes provide a fun and safe atmosphere for you and your child to learn the basics of gymnastics. Our instructors will guide each parent and child through gymnastics skills such as hanging, swinging, jumping, rolling, and balancing. The children will also be challenged to develop skills such as counting, following directions, and playing well with others. All of this will take place in our safe and dynamic pre-school area. The confidence gained in this class allows for a smooth transition into our independent Pre-School classes.

Adult Fitnastics

Have you ever looked at a gymnast and wondered what it is they do to look so good and get so strong? Well this class will give you a good idea. Don’t be intimidated though, this class is about pushing your own limits and achieving what you are capable of. Our Adult Fitnastics class takes adults through a variety of different gymnastics work outs that we do on a daily basis with our competitive gymnasts. The class utilizes body weight exercises as well as a combination of static and dynamic activates to build strength.


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