Pre-K Gymnastics

Pre-K Gymnastics starts when your child begins walking! Taking a gymnastics class at CGA will help your young children develop their motor skills and cognitive learning. 

If you have questions about our Pre-K program, please contact Ashley Lebeau, Director of Pre-K Gymnastics, at



Classes for Pre-K Children

  • Toddler
    • Parent-assisted, 2-3 year olds
    • 30 minutes/week
    • $90/8 week session
    • 8 parents/children:1 coach
  • Pre-School -
    • Independent, 3-4 year olds
    • 45 minutes/week
    • $120/8 week session
    • 6 children:1 coach


Here is an awesome article about why pre-school gymnastics is an excellent activity to get your little ones involved in!