Pre-K Gymnastics

Pre-K Gymnastics starts when your child begins walking! Taking a gymnastics class at CGA will help your young children develop their motor skills and cognitive learning. 

If you have questions about our Pre-K program, please contact Ashley Lebeau, Director of Recreational Gymnastics, at



Classes for Pre-K Children

  • Toddler - 
    CGA’s toddler class is a 35 minute parent assisted class for two and three year olds centered on movement education and socialization.  Through the utilization of modified preschool station setups, children will develop strength, spatial awareness, and gross motor skills.  Your involvement in this class helps your child develops trust and independence in a fun and safe environment while learning the basic skills and vocabulary of gymnastics.
    • Parent-assisted, 2-3 year olds
    • 35 minutes/week
    • $100/8 week session
    • 10 parents/children:1 coach
  • Pre-School -
    In our 50 minute class, three and four year olds develop strength, flexibility, and learn fundamental gymnastics skills in a fun, fast-paced class that utilizes creative circuits. Children are introduced to each piece of gymnastics apparatus as they are being taught introductory gymnastics skills and body positions that help develop coordination, balance, strength, and body awareness.  Additionally, there is a strong emphasis on social skills including sharing, teamwork, listening to and following directions, problem solving, courtesy and more. Instruction takes place in our scaled down, safety-oriented, specialized preschool area while parents observe from the lobby.
    • Independent, 3-4 year olds
    • 50 minutes/week
    • $135/8 week session
    • 6 children:1 coach


Here is an awesome article about why preschool gymnastics is an excellent activity to get your little ones involved in!