Our Staff

Our staffing philosophy at CGA is to hire qualified team and recreational coaches who posses a wide range of gymnastics knowledge and are committed to continuing their education through classes and seminars. The CGA staff strives to coach and lead with compassion. We care about every child who walks through our doors, and it is our goal to help them reach their full potential.

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Ian Dennehy | CEO, Men's Team Coordinator

I have been actively participating in gymnastics for as long as I can remember. When I was 6 years old my mother and father enrolled me in my first gymnastics class and since my first less than perfect cartwheel, I have never looked back. As a child, I loved everything about the sport and now as an adult I also appreciate the tremendous impact it has had on my life today.

For me, gymnastics began as my parents’ desperate need to save their furniture. Beds and couches had become trampolines, tables and chairs became balance beams, and anything I could get my hands around became a pull-up bar. I took my first class at age 3, and from then on I was hooked. I began competing for the Champaign County YMCA at 7 years old, and graduated high school as a Level 9 gymnast in 2004.

Ashley Lebeau | Director of Recreational Gymnastics

When I was four my parents enrolled me in a gymnastics class along with my sister. After the first session my sister had had enough and moved on to soccer. I, however, was hooked. I continued to take gymnastics classes at the Oak Lawn Park District over the next ten years. When I was in eighth grade and set to advance to Level 7 my parents decided the time and financial commitment was too much and I parted ways with the sport.

Having the privilege of owning CGA with my son, Ian, is a dream come true for a proud gymnastics parent. I have been blessed with two children, Ian and my daughter Cory (a competitor in rhythmic gymnastics), who taught me the patience and virtues of being a gymnastics parent.

Kelsea Kocan | Women's Team Coordinator

I have always loved to be active even from a young age. I participated in many sports as a kid, but gymnastics always held the number one spot.  My favorite thing about the sport, is that it shaped me to be who I am today.  I will forever be grateful for the handwork, perseverance, grit, and passion, gymnastics brought to my life.