Michael Dennehy

Owner / Gymnastics Parent

Having the privilege of owning CGA with my son, Ian, is a dream come true for a proud gymnastics parent. I have been blessed with two children, Ian and my daughter Cory (a competitor in rhythmic gymnastics), who taught me the patience and virtues of being a gymnastics parent. When I have not been pursuing my own career as a Marketing and Business Communications Consultant, I have logged considerable time in gyms watching thousands of hours of practice and traveling to hundreds of competitions. Throughout my children’s gymnastics careers, I have organized Gymnastics Invitationals, entered scores at State and Regional meets and led countless team fundraising activities. As a gymnastics parent, I had the opportunity to watch and learn from other parents over the years as participation in the sport shaped our children into the fine young men and women they are today. It is this sense of family that is at the core of CGA and it is something we want all of our parents and children to experience in our program, be it for one class, one month, one year or hopefully a lifetime of participation in and appreciation of the sport of gymnastics. Welcome to CGA.