Who Embodies Be Awesome Always?

Austin has never really enjoyed the gift opening part of his birthday parties. He likes the party with his friends much more. So this year when party planning, this was the conversation we had, "You are a very lucky kid who has plenty already, what if instead of getting gifts for yourself, we collected things for someone who needs it more. We could collect for an animal shelter, hungry kids, or maybe Dakota's stable-"  At hearing his therapy horse's name his face lit up. He was very concerned about how everyone was going to bring hay to the party. 

We were able to raise over $250 for them to put towards their needs.  Austin couldn't wait to take it to Dakota.  

That's Austin in a nutshell. Loves to make other people happy.

If you would like more information on Healing Horse Stables it can be found on their facebook page or website: