Special Olympics

Who is eligible to participate in Special Olympics?

To be eligible to participate in Special Olympics, an individual must be at least eight years old and be identified by an agency or professional as having one of the following conditions: mental, and/or cognitive delays as measured by formal assessment, or significant learning or vocational problems due to cognitive delay that require or have required specially designed instruction.

How do the athletes train at CGA?

Gymnastics combines strength, flexibility and artistry. Gymnastics is a surprisingly accessible sport and the ability to participate is not heavily dependent on age, body type, or fitness level (which will increase with training). The Special Olympic routines are progressive in nature and are carefully designed to work on the most basic skills and build on that foundation. Our team has athletes ranging in age from 7 to 25, some who are physically as well as developmentally challenged. All are able to participate meaningfully and with a sense of accomplishment.

When do the athletes train?

We train from January to June on Friday evenings for both male and female athletes.  We do take some weekends off and you will receive a specific schedule when you register.

Are there competitions?

Yes. There are two formal competitions a year, an District meet usually held in March/April and the State Summer Games, held in June. To be eligible to compete in the Summer Games, an athlete must be 8 years old, properly registered and have received at least one gold medal at the District meet. Male and female gymnasts may compete in all events offered (All Around) or may be specialists, competing in one or two events. Athletes are judged at these events and receive ribbons and medals based on their performance.

How do we get started?

Please fill out the form at the link below if you are interested in participating in CGA’s Special Olympics Program. There is no tuition for Special Olympics training. Competition uniforms are paid for by the families, but fundraising is done to help cover this cost.  There is also a physical required by Special Olympics that each athlete must have completed.


Who are the coaches?

Ashley Lebeau & Ian Dennehy are our Co-Head Coaches
You will also meet our many other volunteer coaches, all of whom are certified by Special Olympics to work with the program.
For more information please email Ashley at ashley@champaigngym.com